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Tutorial Introduction

Getting Started

  1. Obtaining an API Key: Step-by-step guide on how to acquire your unique API key.
  2. API Key Expiry and Revocation: Information on the lifespan of API keys and how to revoke them if necessary.
  3. Obtaining Your Shop ID: Instructions on retrieving your specific shop ID.
  4. Adding IP Addresses to the Whitelist: Ensuring secure access by whitelisting your IP addresses.
  5. Rate-limiting: Guidelines and limits to ensure optimal and fair usage of the API.
  6. Testing Environment (🚧 in development): A sandbox setup for safely testing and debugging your integration.
  7. Configuring Callback: Setting up callbacks for real-time notifications and responses.


Payment Page Options

  1. Payment Gate Hosted: A seamless solution where the payment gate manages the payment process.
  2. Merchant Hosted (🚧 in development): Allows merchants to host and control their payment process.

Basic Scenarios

  1. Single-Stage Payment: A straightforward payment flow where the transaction is completed in one step.
  2. Two-Stage Payment (🚧 in development): Enables a two-step transaction process, enhancing security and flexibility.

Order Life Cycle

Understanding the complete journey of an order from initiation to fulfillment.

Instrument Type

Various payment methods and options available through the API.

Troubleshooting (🚧 in development)

Guidance on identifying and resolving common issues