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Instrument Type

To find out which payment methods, currencies, and countries are available for your shop, use the following endpoints:

Instrument Type

instrumentTypeDescriptionUse Case (Payments)Use Case (Payouts)
cardPayment made using a credit or debit card.A customer pays for online shopping using their credit or debit card details.Executing payouts to a credit or debit card.
walletPayment made through a digital or mobile wallet.A customer uses a service like a digital wallet to complete a transaction.Executing payouts to a digital or mobile wallet.
bank_transferPayment made directly from a bank account.A customer chooses to pay by making an online bank transfer at checkout.Executing payouts via bank transfer.

Payment Entry Modes for instrumentType == card

entryModeDescriptionUse CaseSupported
cnpCard Not Present transactions are done without the physical card being present, often for online purchases.A customer enters their card details on a website to make a payment or purchase items online.
card_presentCard Present transactions where the cardholder is physically present and can use their card directly.A customer swipes, inserts, or taps their card at a physical POS terminal in a store.🚧 in development
motoMail Order/Telephone Order transactions are made over the phone or via mail, without the cardholder physically present.A customer calls a business and provides their card details over the phone to make a purchase.🚧 in development
recurringTransactions that occur on a regular basis automatically, using stored card details.A customer subscribes to a monthly service, and their card is charged automatically.🚧 in development
saved_cardTransactions made using card details that have been stored for easier repeat purchasing.A customer chooses a saved card on file within their account for a faster checkout process.🚧 in development
redirectTransactions where the customer is redirected to an external payment system or gateway for processing the paymentCustomers are directed to a third-party page, such as payment gateway, to complete the transaction. This often involves entering sensitive payment information, such as card details, through a secure interface.